Do Citronella Candles Work for Flies?

You’re at a cookout, enjoying the summer sun. The burgers are cooking on the grill, and the conversation is flowing. Suddenly, a fly lands on your arm.

You swat at it, but it’s too late. The fly has ruined your perfect day. But never fear! Citronella candles are here to save the day. Or are they?

While citronella candles aren’t a foolproof solution, they can help keep flies at bay.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how citronella candles work to repel flies and offer some tips on how to use them effectively.

What are Citronella Candles?

Citronella candles are a type of scented candle that is made with citronella oil.

citronella anti-mosquito candles

Citronella oil is an essential oil derived from the stems and leaves of the lemongrass plant leveraging the steam distillation technique. The oil is yellow or brown in color and has a strong, lemon-like scent.

Citronella candles are commonly used in mosquito repellents but can also be used to ward off other insects such as flies.

How are Citronella Candles Made?

Citronella candles are made by infusing citronella oil into a wax base. The oil is first diluted in alcohol, then added to the melted wax. The wax is then allowed to cool and harden, creating a scented candle.

To make your own citronella candles, you will need:

  • Citronella oil
  • Wax (Bees wax or Soy wax)
  • A candle mold
  • A wick

The procedure:

  • First, melt the wax.
  • Then, remove the wax from the heat and allow the wax to cool but not harden.
  • Add the diluted citronella oil to the wax in a ratio of 1:16 to 1:8.
  • Stir the mixture until the oil is well incorporated.
  • Next, fill the mold with the wax-citronella mixture, leaving room at the top for the wick.
  • Place the wick in the middle of the wax.
  • Allow the mixture in the mold to cool and harden.
  • Once the wax has hardened, trim the wick, and you’ll have your fly-repellent candles right there.

How do Citronella Candles Repel Candles?

The citronella oil in these candles creates a strong smell that masks the scents that these flies use to find food. Additionally, flies and other pesky insects find the strong, lemon-like scent unpleasant.

As a result, the flies are more likely to fly in the opposite direction, away from the burning candle.

When placed strategically, citronella candles can be quite effective at repelling these pesky insects. Citronella oil does not kill flies, though it may be effective in repelling them.

Types of Flies Citronella Candles Are Most Effective at Repelling

There are many species of flies in the world, and each type has its unique habits and preferences. Some flies are attracted to light, while others are attracted to darkness.

Some flies are repelled by sweet, strong scents, while others are attracted to foul odors. That said, citronella candles are effective at repelling the following types of flies:

  • House flies
  • Black flies
  • Sand flies
  • Horse flies, and
  • Deer flies.

If you are having trouble with a specific type of fly, you may need to try a different type of repellent in case citronella candles are ineffective.

When, How, and Where to use Citronella Candles Effectively against Flies

When to use citronella candles

Citronella candles are a great way to keep flies away from outdoor areas. But when should you use them?

The best time to use citronella candles is when you are having an outdoor event or when you will be spending a lot of time outside.

Citronella candles will help to keep flies away so that you can enjoy your time outside without being bothered by them.

Another good time to use citronella candles is when you are cooking outdoors. Flies are attracted to food, so having a citronella candle burning while you are cooking will help keep them away from the food.

How to use citronella candles?

  • Place the candles around the perimeter of the area you want to keep flies away from.
  • Light the candles and leave the candles to burn before the start of cooking or the beginning of the actual occasion.
  • Make sure the candles are placed in holders that will catch any drips.
  • Extinguish the candles when the occasion is done.

Tip: Light the candles at least 20 minutes before you plan to use the area.

Where to use citronella candles?

The best place to place citronella candles is wherever there is food that flies can easily access. For starters, citronella candles should be placed strategically around the perimeter of the area you wish to protect.

  • For example, if you are using them on a patio, place them on ledges or tables around the edge of the patio.
  • When cooking outdoors, place the burning citronella candles near the actual cooking area.
  • Citronella candles for flies indoors should be placed near the dining area, kitchen, or on window sills.

Some Tips for using Citronella Candles against Flies

Here are 5 additional tips to consider when using citronella candles to keep flies at bay:

  • Ensure that the candles are placed in areas with good air circulation, as flies are attracted to stagnant air.
  • When burning citronella candles, keep an eye on them and extinguish them when they are no longer effective. A typical citronella candle usually lasts for about four hours.
  • Use multiple candles for large areas and replace the candles frequently for best results.
  • Keep candles out of direct sunlight or strong winds.
  • If you have pets, ensure they can’t reach the candles to avoid burn accidents.

Benefits of Using Citronella Candles for Flies

Here are the benefits of using citronella candles as a method of repelling flies:

Citronella are natural and non-toxic

Citronella candles are made from naturally occurring oil derived from the lemongrass plant.

This oil has long been used as a natural insect repellent and is effective at deterring mosquitoes, flies, and other pests. Citronella candles are safe to use around children and pets, and they are non-toxic.

Citronella candles are easy to use

Citronella candles are a simple and effective way to keep mosquitoes at bay.

All you need to do is light the candle and place it in a central location. The citronella oil will repel mosquitoes and other insects, giving you a mosquito-free space to enjoy.

Remember to light them a few minutes before you plan to use the space, so they have time to work their magic.

Citronella candles can be used indoors or outdoor

Citronella candles are often used outdoors to keep mosquitoes away from areas where people are gathering.

However, citronella candles can also be used indoors. When used indoors, citronella candles can help to keep mosquitoes away from areas where people are spending time.

They can improve the ambiance of your home

In addition to the insect repelling property, citronella candles can help improve your home’s ambiance by providing a pleasant scent and gentle light.

Even better, they’re environmentally friendly and burn cleanly, so you can enjoy their fragrance without worry.

It’s inexpensive to buy or make citronella candles

You can find citronella candles at most stores selling outdoor supplies, which are often very affordable.

If you want to make your own citronella candles, you only need a few supplies and some time.

You can find citronella oil at most craft stores, and it’s not very expensive. Wax and wick are also one of the very affordable items you can find in your local craft store.

Making your own citronella candles is a great way to save money, and it’s also a lot of fun. In fact, if you’ve never made candles before, this is a great project to start with.

Are there any Drawbacks or Risks Associated with using Citronella Candles for Flies?

Citronella candles are effective for a short time

Citronella candles are a popular way to deter insects, but they’re only effective for as long as they’re burning. Once the candle is extinguished, the repellent effects of the citronella oil will quickly dissipate.

So if you’re looking to keep insects away for an extended period, you’re better off using a product that contains citronella oil, like an insect repellent spray or lotion.

Citronella oil can cause skin irritation or allergy

For some people, citronella oil can cause redness, itching, and swelling when it comes into contact with the skin. In severe cases, it can even lead to an allergic reaction.

If you experience any irritation or allergy after using a product containing citronella oil, stop using the product and see a doctor.

Candles containing citronella oil have limited repelling abilities

Citronella oil is a known insect repellent, but the amount typically added to candles isn’t enough to do the job.

However, you can make effective fly repellent candles by mixing citronella oil with other insect repelling oils such as eucalyptus, peppermint, and lavender.

Besides the low citronella oil amount in citronella candles, there’s also a limited capability in terms of coverage. Studies have shown that burning citronella candles lose their fly-repelling effectiveness beyond a three-foot radius.

Are citronella candles the best fly repellent?

Citronella candles are commonly used as fly repellents, but their effectiveness is debatable.

Some studies have shown that citronella candles can be effective at repelling flies, while others have shown that they are not as effective as DEET insect repellants.

So what’s the verdict? Are citronella candles the best fly repellent?

The answer is no. While citronella candles may be able to repel some flies, they are not as effective as DEET insect repellants.

DEET insect repellants are specifically designed to repel flies and other insects, and they have been proven to be more effective than citronella candles.

If you’re looking for the best fly repellent, DEET insect repellants are your best bet. If you need a natural and affordable fly repellant, citronella candles may be the way to go.

What do flies hate the most?

If you’ve ever had a fly infestation in your house, you know how pesky and annoying they can be.

People have tried all sorts of things to get rid of flies, from setting out traps to swatting them with a fly swatter. But what do flies really hate?

Flies are attracted to certain things, like food and garbage. But there are also things that flies hate, like strong smells, fast-moving air, and buzzing noises. You can use these things to your advantage to get rid of flies.

Does citronella grass repel flies?

To answer this question, we must first understand what citronella grass is and how it works.

Citronella grass is a plant that releases strong, citronella-scented oil when its leaves are crushed. This oil is what repels flies and other insects, not the plant itself.

A good thing to also note is that citronella oil is only effective when it’s fresh – old, dried-out oil won’t work as well.

That’s why you often see citronella oil used in things like bug sprays and candles – it’s a good way to keep the flies away.

What other applications does citronella oil have?

Citronella oil is best known for its use as an insect repellent. However, this oil also has a number of other applications.

Here are a few examples

  • Citronella oil can be used as a natural air freshener.
  • This oil can also be used in homemade soaps.
  • Citronella oil can be used as a natural air freshener, as it has a pleasant citrus scent.
  • Citronella oil can be used to cleanse the skin and hair and is often used in aromatherapy.
  • Citronella oil also repels other pests, such as rodents and moths.

The Bottom Line

Citronella candles are an effective way to keep flies away. In conclusion, they work by masking the smells that attract flies and repelling them with the strong scent of citronella.

If you’re looking for a surefire way to keep all the flies away, you might be out of luck with citronella candles.

But if you’re just looking for a way to keep the flies away from your picnic table, then a citronella candle might be just what you need.

While there are other fly control methods, citronella candles are a safe, natural, and inexpensive option.